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Planning Your Child's Summer Birthday Bash: Ideas For You

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When your child's birthday falls in the summer months, you have a myriad of party planning options available to you. After all, both indoor and outdoor options are available, as the weather can luckily accommodate both. However, you do not want your child's birthday party to be just like any other party they may be invited to this summer. Instead, you want your child to have the party to remember. So, get to know some of the interesting and unique ways that you can take your child's summer birthday party from bland to awesome, and get your planning started as soon as possible. 

A Water Park In Your Backyard

Rather than pay to take all of the neighborhood kids to a water park which may be a long distance from your home and then try to corral and wrangle them all day long, you can actually bring the fun of the water park home with you. By renting one or a few water slide jumpers, you can transform your backyard into a water park.

These water slide jumpers are inflatable and can contain several different play elements. These fun party rentals, of course, come equipped with a slide and water pool to land in safely and often also contain water spraying toys around the pool. The jumper portion of the water slide jumper is a miniature bounce house that children can play in whether or not they want to take a trip down the water slide. 

Water slide jumpers come in a variety of sizes and styles, some with multiple slides, some with different types of slides (curved or straight), and some with specific themes like pirates or princesses. And, to make this element even more fun, you can also provide your party guests with water guns or toys that spout water for the kids to run around and through.

A Backyard Carnival

If water parks aren't really your child's personal style, you may want to consider a carnival theme. Turning your backyard into a carnival will allow you to incorporate a wide variety of activities into your child's party.

You can rent a dunk tank for example and have the adults chaperoning the party take turns in the dunk tank, allowing the kids the joy of drenching the adults in this fun carnival game. You can also set up ring toss games, the milk bottle game, or various other carnival-style games. You can even offer prizes to the winner in the form of party favors or candy. 

For the food, you can rent an old-fashioned popcorn machine. Or to beat the heat, you can rent a snow cone machine and allow your party guests to pour their own flavorings on the snow cones to add to the playfulness and fun of the day. 

Now that you have a couple of ideas for your child's summer birthday bash, you are well on your way to throwing your child the best birthday bash of the summer. So, get started renting your party equipment and enjoy yourself in the party planning process.