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Planning Your Wedding Table Settings

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The wedding table settings is one of the last things you should plan. In fact, it should be done after you have a guest count to avoid paying for extra settings while having enough for everyone. In addition to knowing how many people will be there, you need to know about the food and how it will be served. Of course, the theme of your wedding needs to be taken into consideration as well, unless you don't care to have it carried through to the reception. Here are a few tips and considerations to get you started for planning your wedding table settings.

Plates and Utensils

There is no need to have three different plates, glasses, and utensils if you are not going to have different courses of food served. This will not only save on the cost, but also on table space so you can fit an extra person at each table. You can probably get away with having a single plate, knife, fork, spoon, and glass set on each placemat. Plates for cake can be kept on the cake table and cups for coffee kept by the coffee urn. If you are serving a salad or soup, the servers can bring them out in individual serving dishes to each guest. Individual entrees can also be served this way if you prefer. However, it is good to always have the placemat set with the necessary utensils at a minimum.

Placemats, Napkins, and Place Cards

You can choose to have the caterer provide everything, or purchase things like placemats, napkins and place cards yourself. Whether you choose cloth or paper is also a consideration. If you are going with your wedding theme, and it is something unique, paper is going to be easier to find and you won't have to worry about what to do with everything after the wedding. Of course, if you go with a plain, or neutral setting, you can reuse the cloth at other big events like graduation parties or family reunions. You may also decide to have cloth for the wedding party and then paper for the guests.

Table Decorations

If you are using round tables, a single centerpiece will suffice. When using long, rectangular tables, you may want to put out a centerpiece for every four to eight settings, so everyone can see it. Flowers or candles are popular choices. It is a good idea to set one table as if people were there eating and then put on any decorations. You do not want the table to be too crowded. Smaller, or low-profile decorations ensure that everyone can see all around the room.

Whether you have an intimate barbecue picnic or an 8-course meal in a huge hall, you are going to want some type of table settings for your wedding reception. Take a bit of time after everything else is planned and figure out just what you want. For assistance, talk to a professional likeJanet Castillo.