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How To Make A Balloon Arch

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Balloon arches are a great way to define the space of your party and create an atmosphere that is fun and inviting. Here are the steps that you can take to make your own balloon arch. 

1. Measure Your Archway

Measure the approximate space that you would like your balloon arch to take up by taking a piece of string and cutting it to be far longer than the space that you think you are going to need. Tape the middle of this string above your doorway or the center of where you want the arch to go. Then, with the help of one or two other people, spread the string out into an arch using tape. When you have the string in the position that you would like the balloon arch, cut off the ends of the string that are trailing on the ground on each side and remove the string from the wall. Measure the string to get the length that you need your balloon arch to be in feet. 

2. Get the Right Number of Balloons

Take the number of feet that you need your arch to be and multiply that number by eight because you need approximately eight balloons for every foot of arch. Either purchase this many balloons filled with helium, or purchase a bag of uninflated balloons and fill them with helium yourself. 

3. Start Tying

First, take two fully inflated balloons and tie their ends together so that they form a line. Tie another two fully inflated balloons together in a similar fashion. Then, tie these two balloon pairs together so that they form a flat plane of four balloons. You can use basic string or twine to tie the balloons together.

Use a clear piece of string to tie the set of four balloons to the balloon weight so that the set does not float away. This will form the base of one of your sides of the balloon arch. 

Create three more sets of four balloons and tie their middles to the base. Make sure that you push the balloons together slightly so that they alternate and do not all occupy the same plane. Make several more clusters in varying colors.

Once you have all of the clusters that you think that you are going to need, start tying the middles of the clusters together so that the clusters sit on top of each other. When your arch starts getting too tall to reach comfortably, bend it over and continue tying balloons onto it. When you're done and have used up all of your balloons, tie a final balloon weight to the other end to form the second base.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in balloon delivery (such as Dino's Party Center).