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How To Plan Your Parents' Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner

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Hats off to your parents as they celebrate fifty years of marriage! And, if you're honoring them with a dinner, hats off to you, too! From the location of your event to the decorations, here are some ideas that might help you plan a memorable event. 

Plan The Location Of The Dinner - How many guests will you be hosting for your parent's fiftieth anniversary dinner? If it's going to be an intimate affair with just family members or close friends, your home would be a great place to have the dinner. Of course, you can also reserve a small private area in a restaurant. Is the guest list a long one? Unless you have a large home or a large backyard, going to a restaurant might work out a lot better for your celebration. Select a restaurant that offers private dining and ask for the largest room they have. Another idea is to find a hotel that offers private dining in a banquet hall. Be sure to reserve the private dining room early so you won't be disappointed later.

The Food - If you're cooking at home, make something you can prepare ahead of time. You'll have a lot on your mind the day of the event, so having your meal already prepared will be a big help. A casserole that can be heated up along with a salad you can actually toss in front of your guests would be a good choice. Whether the guest list is short or long, if you're having the dinner in a private dining room, choose the menu yourself. By doing this, you can control the amount of money that will be spent. No matter where you have the dinner, a wedding cake would be the perfect dessert.

The Decorations - No matter where you host the anniversary event, you can still take care of the decorations. Find pictures of your parents from the time they got married until the present. Frame them and use them as centerpieces, along with votive candles and a small flower arrangement. Take your parent's wedding picture and have it turned into a large poster which you can frame or mount and put on an easel as the focal point of your decorations.

Don't forget to take lots of pictures so you can make a memory book for your parents. In addition, invite everybody to write a message on a card or a poster board which can be framed later.