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3 Tips For Choosing Chairs & Tables For A Wedding Reception

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Are you trying to figure out the best way to seat your guests at your wedding reception? You will find the task a lot easier by investing in the help of a party planner, as well as renting the tables and chairs through the company hired. Take a look at the article below for a few helpful tips about choosing tables and chairs for guests to use at your wedding reception. Read More»

How To Plan Your Parents' Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner

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Hats off to your parents as they celebrate fifty years of marriage! And, if you’re honoring them with a dinner, hats off to you, too! From the location of your event to the decorations, here are some ideas that might help you plan a memorable event.  Plan The Location Of The Dinner - How many guests will you be hosting for your parent’s fiftieth anniversary dinner? If it’s going to be an intimate affair with just family members or close friends, your home would be a great place to have the dinner. Read More»

Walking Down Your Own Aisle -- How To Plan A Great Backyard Wedding

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Are you thinking about a backyard wedding? It can save a lot of money and make planning for your venue easier. But it can have some inherent challenges that regular venues do not – such as an unprepared space, lack of professional assistance and insufficient facilities. Here are 4 steps to preparing your backyard wedding venue for success.  Size Your Yard Properly The first question you’ll probably need to answer is whether your (or someone else’s) yard is the right size for the task at hand. Read More»

How To Make A Balloon Arch

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Balloon arches are a great way to define the space of your party and create an atmosphere that is fun and inviting. Here are the steps that you can take to make your own balloon arch.  1. Measure Your Archway Measure the approximate space that you would like your balloon arch to take up by taking a piece of string and cutting it to be far longer than the space that you think you are going to need. Read More»

Planning Your Wedding Table Settings

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The wedding table settings is one of the last things you should plan. In fact, it should be done after you have a guest count to avoid paying for extra settings while having enough for everyone. In addition to knowing how many people will be there, you need to know about the food and how it will be served. Of course, the theme of your wedding needs to be taken into consideration as well, unless you don’t care to have it carried through to the reception. Read More»

Planning Your Child's Summer Birthday Bash: Ideas For You

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When your child’s birthday falls in the summer months, you have a myriad of party planning options available to you. After all, both indoor and outdoor options are available, as the weather can luckily accommodate both. However, you do not want your child’s birthday party to be just like any other party they may be invited to this summer. Instead, you want your child to have the party to remember. So, get to know some of the interesting and unique ways that you can take your child’s summer birthday party from bland to awesome, and get your planning started as soon as possible. Read More»

4 Tips For Organizing A Military Reunion

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Serving in the military takes a special type of person, and even when your life in the military is over, you may want to reunite with the people who you served with. A military reunion is the perfect way to reconnect, catch up, and enjoy a mini vacation at the same time. If you are interested in organizing a military reunion, use the following tips: Hire an Event Planner Who Has Experience with Military Reunions Read More»

Information On Moonwalk Rentals For Your Child's Birthday

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When you want to give your kid a birthday party that they will remember, a moonwalk rental is a great way to go about it. These inflatable houses give kids the opportunity to defy gravity while enjoying themselves and the party to the fullest. You can get one of these inflatable houses set up on your property or elsewhere, so that you are able to set up the most memorable party that you can for your beloved child. Read More»